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(Archived) Transcribe note to text

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i have to say this: evernote's handwriting recognition ability (from a jpg photo of a handwritten note!) is *astonishing*.

That said, I too came here immediately searching for a way to export out the text of a handwritten note. Its obviously much more useful if the text can be extracted. Both to check that it was OCR'd correctly, and to be able to do useful things with that text (integrate it into a term paper being written in MS Word, for instance).

But I see from the explanation above that exporting out the text is basically not possible (at this time, or ever?) with evernote. Thats a real bummer.

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I've found it very helpful to just type in a few of the key words and phrases above the JPG, or PDF that contains the hand-written note. There are very few instances where the entire handwritten note has to be transcribed word for word. The purpose is to be able to search for the note and key-typed words help a lot. Once the note is located, then one can spend more time deciphering the hand-written information.

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