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Keyboard covers text in notes

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When taking notes on my iPad, the keyboard covers the text, and the screen will not let me scroll down to the bottom of my text while typing. The result is that I'm typing without being able to see what I'm typing. I also cannot use the text selection tool in any text covered by the keyboard. I've included a photo. Suffice to say this is extremely frustrating.

Is this a bug with my iOS, or is this Evernote?

Also, how long does it usually take for customer service to respond to help requests? It's been two days.


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I reported this problem to support in 2016 and was told a fix was on its way. I’m still waiting.  


The issue is related to using the split keyboard. If you use the standard keyboard it will work. They just can’t find the time to fix it. 

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Yeah makes it farily useless useless as an iOS app. Can’t see what I’m typing. Also. It has nothing to do with the split keyboard. I’m using the Apple keyboard and it happens too. I can’t believe this fix would be that hard. I’ve seen it on forums since about 2014. Might be time to switch platforms. And I’m a paying customer. 

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I was having the same problem on my iphone.

then I tried one option which worked for me. 

1) on the top of the note there is a button(...) which opens up a popup menu  

2) click on the option Simplify Formatting 

doing this resolved my issue. 

Hope it works for you too.52464C83-11A0-4DE2-B58F-6B043ABF0102.thumb.jpeg.5bdb821a983fa74e3575cb134782176d.jpeg


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