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Australian Scannable User

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Hi All,

I have been a premium Evernote user for many years and I recently decided to download Scannable to scan my customer's business cards.

I like the integration so it works for me, however the way the phone numbers are stored are pretty frustrating for an Aussie user - who typically use this formats:
Mobile numbers: xxxx xxx xxx
Landline numbers (xx) xxxx xxxx

Being US-based, it's creating numbers in Evernote (and my phone) in these types of formats, which are doing my head in:
Mobile: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Landline: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Don't even get me started if there's a +61 on the card somewhere - it's giving me different results each time - is there a setting buried in the app somewhere that allows me to choose my preferred format?

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Hi.  Scannable is an iOS app which is a 'stand alone' version of the Evernote App Camera feature.  Scannable does have some extra bells and whistles,  but if all you're using it for is to copy business cards,  why not try the standard app?  I don't know if you'll get a more acceptable option to edit the numbers (Android user here...) but there may be another field you can use to display the correct format...

Developers do read these forums (we're otherwise a mainly user-supported operation),  so you've made the suggestion.  Even if Evernote decides to adopt it,  there won't be any changes in the near future...

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