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Many times, when I click on the editing area to type, I'll see the cursor but when I start typing nothing happens. I have to click on the editing area again before it will work. Has anyone experienced this? Any solutions?

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I would like to report the same problem. I have EN 6.11.2 with Win 10 Pro.

In my case, the reported bug is random. In other words, the bug either occurs or it does not occur. When the bug occurs, the following info applies. The details are the same irrespective of whether I open a new note, or a saved note.

 - On opening the note, there's a blinking cursor at top left of the note text pane.
 - A single press on any key, including Enter, causes the cursor to disappear.
 - Any further key presses, including the Enter key, do not cause the cursor to reappear.
 - A single click on the mouse causes the cursor to reappear. The cursor appears:

(a) at the position of the insertion cursor (the pointer that looks like a girder) if there is text in the text pane
(b) at the top left of the note text pane if there's no text in the pane.


The following comments might help the troubleshooting.


The bug has been occurring for some time, and I've been too lazy to report it. I'm now wondering if the bug started at the same time as the fancy new indent that now appears automatically in a new note.


There's another bug which is too minor to deserve its own post, but might help the troubleshooting.

I hardly ever type directly online - I type in EN, then copy online. For example TenForums, gmail, StackOverflow, and so on. That prevents any disasters due to hitting the wrong key :-)

So I prefer all plain text in EN, to avoid scr_wing up the formatting in the online target. [Actually, I originally typed an "e" where the underscore is, but EN substituted five stars :-)

As an experiment, I typed "heck" and "blow", and "doggone", but these escaped unscathed. I'm surprised that "blow" is permitted.]

So, for bullets in EN, I simply use the combination "space-dash-space", as in the bullets above.

In any other HTML text, except EN, I can highlight "space-dash-space" and copy these three characters somewhere else.

But in EN, the final space is dropped, so I end up with simply "space-dash".

The same applies when I copy spaces between words in EN (but not in other HTML).  If I "manually" highlight text by simply extending the highlight using "shift", then any final space that I manually include in the highlight is dropped after the copy. (Of course, double-clicking on a single word in Windows will always include any final space - I don't know about Linux, which is a more natural OS.)

I'm not a techie, but IMHO the HTML used by EN causes non-standard handling of spaces. I think standard treatment is that REDUNDANT spaces are removed, so the EN HTML thinks that "space-dash-space" contains an extra space :-)

If the HTML is in any way non-standard, that might be the cause of other strange behaviour, such as reported in this thread.


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On 4/22/2018 at 6:07 AM, OldGrantonian said:

There's another bug which is too minor to deserve its own post, but might help the troubleshooting.

Please. Report separate bugs/issues separately, minor or not. Makes topics hard to follow otherwise. And if one of hem if fixed, but the other isn't then the original poster can't validly close their own topic.

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Has this click issue been fixed?  I've noticed that when using the Ctrl key that it will not respond on the first attempt.  This requires left clicking on the note again.

This issue is driving me insane...almost to the point I'm going to unsubscribe evernote and mass migrate to OneNote.

I'm running version - (307027) on Windows 7

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