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Evernote was blocked in Russia with Telegram?



Hi everyone. Just at the same time, when it was reported that 16 million Google IPs had been blocked (due to Telegram blocking in Russia), Evernote stopped syncing on all my devices through the Russian IPs. Proceeding from the fact that everything works through VPN, the problem is in this. Does anyone know if there were any contacts of representatives of Evernote with the Department of RKN in R.F. to solve this problem?

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RKN is the evil organization that blocks everything while destroying the Russian internet and bringing chaos to it by blocking over 16 million IP adresses for invain haunt to block Telegram messanger. The censorship campain already has done mailfunction many big internet services such as Google, Playstation, Amazon and etc. The size of harm grows rapidly during last couple of days inducing only shame of censorship and harm to internet users.  Considering this said I beg the crew of Evernote to solve the mentioned problems and halt the madness of putin in the face of all people of Russia.

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