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Email document to the default notebook

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When I email documents to Evernote, they are no longer going into the "Default Notebook".

They consistently go into the same notebook so I can find them. But it is not the one flagged "Default".

I am using the web version of Evernote on a Chromebox. I have tried changing the notebook flagged "Default" to another, then changing it back. This doesn't help.

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Like your notes are being automatically filed?5ad6b48775b34_ScreenShot2018-04-17at19_57_54.png.b4e7dce48146daeab93770a050096ff5.png


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Well, that's embarrassing ;)

I don't recall seeing or changing that that one before, but maybe I did.

I unchecked that box and it's working fine now.


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