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What the heck happened to the Evernote Web Clipper this weekend?  It clipped fine Friday, but seemed to have updated taking the Simplified Article clip option and making it way more complicated.  It takes headings and blows them up to 62pt font from the standard 20pt, body goes to 12pt to 10pt, and instead of clipping to Tahoma font, it decided I wanted PT Serif instead, making everything I have clipped formatted completely different than everything previous.  I am a paying Evernote customer and as such, I expect working products, instead of the barrage of in-app advertising to switch to Evernote Business.  It worked great before this so-called update.  Please revert back to the previous version that is pictured in the Chrome Store shown here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/evernote%20web%20clipper.


A very frustrated paying customer,



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"It takes headings and blows them up to 62pt". Same here! This is not cool. Also paying for Evernote Premium and very frustrated. Please fix this to the previous version asap or send us updates on what is happening.

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4 hours ago, MarioSpeedwagon said:

So, @jefito , did you move this to the main discussion, or should I repost this over there?  I'll do what it takes to get attention to this.

I already moved this to the proper forum (you can find the forum it lives in up towards the top of this page), and you do not need to double post anywhere, at any time, nor should you.

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