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This is a fairly simple but would also be very helpful feature for all versions of Evernote — the ability to hide tags from the tags list. 

For those of us who use tags extensively, but need that tag list to not have every tag ever created listed (so that we can find the ones that we are actively using the most), we need the ability to hide tags that are not as regularly used or that we don't need to routinely see a list of all notes currently with that tag.  Basically, to be able to manage that list display.  Currently you can control-click (Mac) on a tag in the list and it gives the ability to "Delete Tag"; can it also give the option to Hide Tag, and it remains a tag but just doesn't show in that list for that device?  Beyond that, there would just need to be a simple way to unhide it.  Thanks...

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53 minutes ago, azdesertfather said:

the ability to hide tags from the tags list. 

My process is to prefix unused tags with an x.  It doesn't hide the tags but they're sorted out of the way at the bottom of the list

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