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Need Guidance Regarding Images Displayed in Notes List


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Is there a resource I can be directed to that explains which images are displayed in the Notes list on the left depending upon what kind of clip is chosen, i.e. Article, Simplified Article, etc.?   

If a page has many different images, which one does Evernote choose to display in the list?  I use Evernote for recipes and, for many of my Notes, the images don't match to the recipe because its choosing what appears like a random image from the page.   Some of my notes display a gray placeholder instead of an image.   This started to be a problem within the last few months, I didnt have this problem in the past.

Thank you for any help you can provide.



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4 hours ago, DLM1166 said:

Some of my notes display a gray placeholder instead of an image.

Hi.  What device are you viewing these notes on,  and how is it connected to the internet?  A mobile device may take a while to download images,  while a desktop should have a local disk copy from which to read - although if this is a recently clipped page,  all the images may not yet be available.

As to the main query - you'll gather from the link provided by @DTLow that the weird voodoo method used by Evernote is not really open to manual adjustment.  The app shows a random image chosen purely on image size,  so to 'select' an image you'd actually have to resize any other pictures in the note accordingly - or just delete them. 

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I kept the picture I want as a jpeg and pdf’d the rest!!!  

I wanted to save images of my receipts, confirmations, and payments and not have my personal info/pics as the cover picture in the list.  Now, the images are secure in the pdf AND I get to have a cool icon as my list picture!

It took me 2 hours to figure out, but I nailed it!! 😭😂😁

(Used CamScanner on my iPad Pro)


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