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Add "create" to right click menu on Mac EN sidebar




I bounce back and forth between Windows EN and Mac EN a lot. Could you please add the "create" option to the right click menu on Mac? (Create Tag, Create Notebook, etc) I used this heavily on tags in Windows EN, but on Mac EN the only option is delete tag. I end up doing this on Windows EN since managing my multiple layers of nested tags is difficult in the tag view on Mac EN. 


If you could simply add the "create" option to the right click menu on the sidebar, that would eliminate a pain point with Mac EN be a gigantic time saver for me. 


The styles that Windows EN has on the sidebar would be a huge bonus and hopefully on your roadmap somewhere in the future for Mac EN. Adding the create option would be a much appreciated intermediate step.


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You nailed it.

Evernote's clients seem like the UX teams don't have a unified strategy across platforms.

I get the sense there isn't a lot of code sharing (ie no common text engine across platforms) and that beyond the Evernote XML spec each client has free reign to implement cool ideas without regard. The downside is that each client is like a separate app, and when things go wonkers you get weirdness - like notes that get deleted without warning between clients.

I hope Evernote gets an engineering and a UX manager that can enforce a core set of standards in code & design that would make tagging across all the clients a more uniform experience.

Until then, keep using the platform that has the feature you need, and when switching between clients make sure you are doing local backups of your notes in case you run into wonkiness.

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