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Which AI based productivity tools are trending these days?

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2 hours ago, Atif_Shahab_Qureshi said:

Yup! but i thought this forum will help me with experts opinion.

Pleased to see that you're not an AI yourself anyway! :)

We're (mainly) all Evernote users with various day jobs so I'm not sure this audience qualifies as experts - other than the personal research put in toward finding our own productivity solutions.  IMHO most apps claiming "AI" involvement are just using advanced marketing speak (also known as 'handwavium') for what amounts to a new paint job. 

In any event I'd be highly suspicious of any app that genuinely used AI to make decisions for me - as would many others,  judging by the generally bad reaction to Evernote suggesting that they were about to "help" users by analysing our databases.  I have a deep aversion to any black box operation that processes by rules I don't totally understand and control. 

The apps I have tried that claim to learn my preferences usually wind up beaten (literally) into submission when they make continually bad choices.

While there are thousands of productivity apps out there,  I still haven't found one that can handle everything I need,  AI or no.  I'm currently back at three or four complementary standard apps for the whole process - including Evernote,  Ticktick,  Zapier and Airtable.  Plus other apps like Freeplane (mind mapping) for planning and discussions.

If anyone has any AI related suggestions,  I'd be interested...



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On 5/17/2018 at 11:36 AM, gazumped said:

I have a deep aversion to any black box operation that processes by rules I don't totally understand and control. 

I think exactly the same thing about todays AI approaches.

Nevertheless, we also introduced an AI component in Filterize to automate your Evernote. But It's not that black box type of AI. We use frequent pattern mining to find plausible rules, which could be applied to your database and while you are working in Evernote Filterize checks if one of the potential rules could explain your work. If so, EvA (our name for the AI) will suggest a set of rules. You can decide which rules should become active and you are free to change them later.

You can read more about the process itself in our blog.

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On 4/12/2018 at 4:16 AM, Atif_Shahab_Qureshi said:

Which Artificial intelligence tools are trending these days?

Scripting tools.  I use Applescript on a  Mac; executing rules tnat I define.

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