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multi column view for notebooks



PLEASE give users an option to view their notebooks in multi columns like you used to. This single column is inefficient. Give us a choice of how we want to view our notebooks. You give us this option with our notes. Please do the same with notebooks. Thanks!

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Is this a general request, or were you intending a specific device/patform?

I'm guessing its specific to Macs and I've moved the discussion to the Mac forum

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I agree with the original poster, and I think that in general Evernote should give the user more control over how to display the information. 

Additionally, we should be able to see note contents in as many columns as our displays can afford (I know that the OP says that this is possible already, but it's not for me). 

I also like the response "This request is for the Evernote app on my computer.". It is a general request, and it should apply to all the devices that make sense, in this case the ones with big screens like browser, Window, Mac, etc. The response is so obvious that asking it seems like a way to avoid the issue. Ideally, the user should be able to ignore what device they are using, and the experience should be seamless. 

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