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(Archived) Chrome Clipper Extension Security



I am a new user to Evernote and love it! However I would like to use the Web Clip extension and features with Chrome and I was given pause by it's first question. It want's access to "my entire web history" and "data to all my websites"!? Sounds a bit much. I don't mind the web history to much but the data on all my websites? Will this clip app then have access or record all my various account logins and passwords? Will it log all my credit card and purchase info? I would love to use the web clipping feature but if it has that much access I will have to sadly pass. Please let me know.

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I don't speak for Evernote, but I don't believe they actually keep track of your entire web history.

I am betting that warning is there so that you know when you clip a site into Evernote, it takes all of the information from that page.

The Chrome extension also has Site History, meaning you can see all of your notes from a given site - meaning that it needs to know what page you are currently on.

Does that ease your concerns at all?

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Thanks Lougoose for the response. That's what I was assuming as well. My wife has some security concerns and wanted to see if I could get some clarification from users and Evernote. Thanks for the extra push of confirmation.

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When you clip a note to Evernote from any of our "web clippers", we keep track of the "source URL" so that you can click on it in the note header to find the original web page later.

That clipping history feature (dubbed "site memory") takes the current web page you're viewing and asks the web service for the notes that start with the same hostname in their "source URL." So this is just using the information that we've already been storing on the server for 2+ years. And it's only available if you've signed in to your Evernote account from that web browser.

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