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(Archived) Image quality is very poor

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I have been moving my notes out of OneNote 2007 into Evernote 3, figured I might as well embrace it for daily use to really give this beta some decent testing. Right off the bat I noticed that my photos pasted into Evernote are very poor quality, like a jpeg with far too aggressive compression. I am guessing this is to save room on Evernote's servers. Will there be an option to keep the photos the full quality they are entered if they are not synced to Evernote's servers, or if the paid premium account is used?

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How are you adding the images into Evernote? E.g. are you dragging-and-dropping files onto the Windows desktop client? As far as I know, we shouldn't be reformatting your images at all ... we accept pretty huge images into the service.

I did a few tests with some reasonably large images (e.g. 1500x965: http://grin.hq.nasa.gov/IMAGES/MEDIUM/G ... 000058.jpg) by saving them to a file and then dragging them into our Windows client and synchronizing. The desktop application scales the image down to the size of the window when you view it, so if your window is smaller than the native resolution of the image, it will shrink the image so you can see it all at once. This might give the appearance that we're shrinking the stored image, but that's just for the display. The full original image is still there, and if you maximize the note window, you should see it all.

Similarly, once you sync to the service, if you view the image from our web UI, it will initially look small. When you move the mouse over that image, however, the cursor should change. When you click on the image, it should expand it to its native size and download the full-resolution image. E.g.:

http://preview.evernote.com/pub/dave/te ... 320b08bffd

If you click on the image in that note, it should expand to full size and then sharpen to full resolution in a second or two.

This behavior of the web site is intended to let you see big images from megapixel cameras more easily without having to move the scrollbars around.

Let me know if this helps at all ... if you're seeing some different behavior, let us know, because our intent is not to degrade any of your notes and memories.

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Interesting. I was actually copying some notes with images out of OneNote 2007 (copied to many, now it won't sync, keeps saying sync failed) by just copying the note and pasting it into EverNote. As soon as I do, it looks like the color pallete has dropped to 16 bit color (I can see dithering). Strangely, if I copy from OneNote to MS Paint, then from MS Paint to EverNote the image looks identical to the original.

Guess I'll need to find another way to move my notes from OneNote to Evernote.

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