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Special icon for Main window in osx dock

Paul B.


I work on OSX with a premium subscription.
I have a feature request due to a problem identifying iconised windows. 
If I have iconised all of my Evernote windows and then I right click on Evernote in the dock, I see a list of all open windows and tabs.
The window/tab titles are correct but not all are helpful. 
The Evernote “Main” window (the one that shows the notebooks) is labelled with the name of the currently “active” notebook.
In other words, this changes from minute to minute and becomes hard to identify in the list.
Please could you highlight which icon refers to the “Main” window, i.e. the one that displays all the notebooks?
I suggest using a special icon for this the “main” window.
If that is not possible, maybe you could simply use a special colour to highlight the existing icon? Unfortunately colour blind people probably wouldn’t appreciate the use of colour alone…
Maybe you could simply always label that window as “Main” instead of using the name of the currently active notebook (but if someone had their own Notebook called “Main” then that solution could get very confusing!)
…but please distinguish it for us somehow :- )
Thank you.

Screenshot 2018-04-10 20.03.05.png

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