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Bug with Cursor PositionNote When Pasting Multiple Images



Hi, good evening.

I installed (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) today, and ran across what I think is unintentional behavior by the application; I did search the forum for existing mentions of this issue - if my post is redundant, please advise.

There is an existing note which contains multiple photos taken in Evernote on iOS, using the phone's camera. 

About 20 images are in this note - and inadvertently created additional, related images in a separate note.  Once synced from the phone, I open Evernote in Windows wait for sync to complete, then copy the similar images from other note - and paste under the last screenshot in the existing note already containing multiple images.

But when doing that - the cursor location instantly takes me approximately two-thirds of the way back up the note; I have to repeatedly manually navigate back to the most recent screenshot at the bottom of the note and then repeat the entire  copy/paste/manually relocate to the last image, and repeatedly go through this process.

Is this by design?  If so, what is the thinking behind it?  Rather, it seems to be a problem which needs to be fixed.

Feedback welcome, thank you.

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