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Evernote in Mac, and synced to iOS.

Note is a contact (business card), created in iOS. There's an image (photo of a post-it, in this case). Happens to have been taken in the wrong orientation. Looks the same in both platforms (Mac & iOS)

In mac, right click on the image and select "rotate clockwise"; image disappears. Note thumbnail however shows the now rotated image. Print to PDF also shows image. Synced, iOS also shows image. Export, and .enex file does contain the rotated image. But mac client doesn't display it at all. Quit, etc. - same. Evernote mac does not display the rotated image.

Furthermore - the exported ".enex" file, if imported into macOS Notes, show the image. But imported back into Evernote, and doesn't. (file attached).

Not an isolated incident, I have another note same problem.

Philip Deforche.zip

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