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Web clipper - Cannot search for notebooks

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I am using MacOS High Sierra, 10.13.4 and Chrome. The Chrome web clipper used to have a "search" for notebook if in case we wanted to choose a different notebook to save a clip. Suddenly, there is an update and I am not in a position to search for notebook. I have to scroll through a long list of notebooks to choose a correct notebook to save my clip. This is now very annoying. Earlier versions of the clipper had a search field and I could do almost context based search to get to the right notebook. This needs to be brought back quickly.

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I have the same issue on Windows 10 (1803 Insider preview) and Chrome and same behavior. This is extremely annoying, I am using the web clipper extensively and have too much notebooks to go through the list each time I enter a new note. This is really an important feature for me.

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1 hour ago, spozzie said:

The search function is back, however, when typing in the search field, it doesn't find notebooks.

I believe that the search is case-sensitive, at least it is for me. They should fix that (and I'm guessing that they will). It is nice that it does internal matching; i.e., if I have a notebook named "MyNotebook", then typing "book" will find it.

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The search is indeed case sensitive. I have not checked if this can be changed through any settings. However, one can provide any part of the name provided it matches case and it will find the notebook. As per example above, typing "book", "teboo", "MyN" etc will match "MyNotebook". I think earlier the search was case-insensitive. I also get a feeling the clipper has become a little slow. But that may be just my perception.

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