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Evernote's lack of communication with their customers

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I've been using Evernote for 10 years. I am very disappointed at the huge drop in customer communications over the last three years. Remember the good old days when Evernote actively communicated with their customers?  They participated in the user forum. They shared monthly podcasts. They handled questions and answers. And most importantly, they kept us up to date on issues and problems. Now, we have to rely on comments from other users and questionable 3rd-party customer support. It is sad to compare then vs now. For example:

Community Chat with Phil, Dave & Andrew (2012)

Apologies for the delay here. The transcript took a little longer to push out than I'd have liked, simply because I wanted to reorder the conversation for clarity. Reproduced below:

041212 “Podcast” Community Chat Transcript - Green denotes an Evernote Employee. Discussion has been reordered to make things a little more sensible. We had a few spots where an extra long response may have been clipped a bit by the system, apologies for that.

gbarry - thanks for everyone who's popped in thus far. We've opened the doors a little early to let users trickle in, and will start around 12:30PST
gbarry - looks like we have both Phil and Andrew in here, want to welcome you both to the chat, and welcome our users who were able to make it as well
gbarry - we know it's a work day for many of you, and appreciate taking the time to chat with us
Andrew Sinkov - Hi everyone!
gbarry - And it looks like we have Dave as well!
engberg - Howdy!
Phil Libin - hola
joelhwilliams - Hello Phil!
engberg - In answer to your (implied) first question: lunch today at Evernote was sushi
Phil Libin - not great sushi
gbarry - just ok sushi?
engberg - Jiro doesn't dream of California rolls
gbarry - did I just hear a Snow Crash reference?
engberg - close. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1772925/
bluesky_ca - I saw that documentary at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.
gbarry - alright, getting down to business. We've brought Phil, Dave, and Andrew out of their busy schedules to answer user questions about the direction of Evernote, questions you have about individual products, the recent NYT article, anything brought up on the podcast, etc.
jgerl - How are things progressing in Austin
Phil Libin - the Evernote Austin team is really coming together nicely - tons of work going into Skitch on every platform
engberg - The new version of Skitch for the Mac is nice. It has a much cleaner integration to put your work into Evernote.
bluesky_ca - For those of us who aren't familiar with the NYT article, can you recap it?
billy - Is there anything you discussed in the NYT article on your company culture that didn't make it through the final editorial process?
Andrew Sinkov - @bluesky_ca The article was all about corporate culture and Phil's management style. It's a great read: www.nytimes.com/2012/04/08/business/phil-libin-of-evernote-on-its-unusual-corporate-culture.html
bluesky_ca - Thanks!
joelhwilliams - Q: what percentage of your users has 20k notes or more (or even 15 k or 10k) and are you seeing the users accounts bog down at this level? Our account feels very sluggish and is almost unusable on iphone/ipad
engberg - @joelhwilliams - the majority of our users have fewer than 10k notes, but a number of people at Evernote (like Phil) have a lot more than that
engberg - the performance of large accounts varies a bit by platform, and varies a lot by what type of data you have
engberg - e.g. big notes with tons of PDFs may take longer to search just because there's more text
engberg - we're working with each client to specifically test variations of large accounts better and better with each release, to make sure we don't miss problems that crop up with specific features or content characteristics

mcd78 - How are Due Dates coming along
Phil Libin - @mcd78 We're putting in a lot of work on reminders / due dates / to-do lists. Aiming for a release this year, but don't have the specifics nailed down yet.

Boeshans - Tell me about work on a fix / patch for opening a PDF sent over from livescribe and being able to hear the audio. This is with the Windows version of Evernote. 3D parsing error now occurs.
heather - @Boeshans The 3D parsing error is an issue with certain versions of Adobe - http://forums.adobe....message/4325449 . We're working with Livescribe to see if there's anything we can do to keep the error from appearing within Evernote.
joelhwilliams - Q: follow up on my podcast question re: "Offline Tags" - I tweeted Phil to better explain what I meant by requesting Offline Tags (the iphone/ipad feature, not to be confused with "Local Folders") - have you given that any more thought? Folders are not as functional as tags and I would give up use of folders completely except I require the "offline notebook" feature of the ipad app for working in rural areas with no wifi/3g service.
GrumpyMonkey - Hi everyone. I enjoyed the NYT article. It's always good to see Evernote in the news!
GrumpyMonkey - I see that Joel has brought up one of my favorite topics! Offline tags. I sure would like to see these.
GrumpyMonkey - I am especially interested in plans you might have to improve the iPad app. I mentioned a few things I would like to see in the thread on the forum, but could you share with us some ideas you are kicking around for improving it?
Boeshans - Thanks Heather.
engberg - Re: offline tags - thanks for the feedback on this. So far, we've been cautious about this, primarily for UI reasons. You can only have 250 notebooks, and it's clear which note is in which notebook. You can have 10,000 tags, and they obviously overlap quite a bit. So it's a bit more of a challenge to present that in a clean UI that's not confusing (e.g. so you can see which of your 9000 tags is already selected
engberg - (but it's still something we're considering)
GrumpyMonkey - Thanks Dave. I am glad to hear it is being considered. I think one of the issues some of us have with the iPad app is the lack of a list view. Perhaps a list view would help with this problem of displaying so much information at once. Related to this, it is frequently requested that we can get lists of things, like tags, notebooks, shared notes, etc. Perhaps incorporating the ability to generate a note with a list of X into the app would solve the problem.
robfuzz - I have an aesthetic question about Evernote for iOS. When you redesigned it some time ago you changed the color scheme within the app from green to blue. The green elephant icon is so well known and it seems you like to use green with your other apps. When I open Evernote though on my phone it’s like I'm entering another app. If there were some green in there, say you changed the + add button to green, it would feel more connected. Nitpitcky I know but it’s been on my mind.
Andrew Sinkov - @robfuzz That's a good point. Our goal, first and foremost, is to create the best user experience. We are actually working on some pretty major UI updates on various platforms. Stay tuned.
robfuzz - Thanks Andrew for commenting. I look forward to the UI updates (esp the green ones!)
mcd78 - Thanks Phil, are you guys going to develop an separate app for this stuff (Since you acquire the Egretlist guys) or build it into the main EN app?
Phil Libin - @mcd78 to-do lists, due dates, reminders, etc. will be in the main Evernote apps since that's core "productivity" functionality. We may also come out with individual, light-weight apps, to experiment with creative UX ideas, but not at the expense of keeping those features out of the main apps.
GrumpyMonkey - Thanks Phil. That is good to hear about those features coming to the main app.
joelhwilliams - thanks @engberg - I'm having trouble like freezing while trying to scrolling through folders to get to the folder I need & freezing in a search, so for instance I can't cancel a search I start if i forgot to switch from default "all notebooks" to "this notebook" (wish I could switch that default)
gbarry - FYI, if you do have very specific support questions, please send them to our support queue: https://www.evernote...ontact/support/
joelhwilliams - thanks @gbarry - I think I've mentioned the "offline tags" in a support conversation before, but I'd love to hear the "C Suite" thoughts on the idea - esp. after being left hanging in the podcast since "offline notebooks" were confused with "local notebooks"
emtunc - Hello and good day to all. Can we please have an update for the Evernote application for the BlackBerry PlayBook? The EN application has not been working for nearly 2 months now so I hope for some good news concerning this. The PlayBook has great hardware, very portable and cheap hence why I am pushing for bulk orders for an educational institute. However for this to go through we will need a working, supported Evernote application!
engberg - @emctunc - I hadn't heard that the playbook app wasn't working at all. The last I heard, it was working correctly. We'll have to look into that.
emtunc - @engberg I believe a forum mod commented on the topic in the BB forums quite a while back now - if you could take a look and update the thread in that forum I (and many others) would be grateful!
gbarry - yes, you can direct an Playbook questions offline to me in the forum. It's definitely something we're working on.
mdalves - Springpad launched a new version yesterday and media consider it as a mix of Evernote and Pinterest. What's your perception about this? May it affect the Evernote future developments?
engberg - @mdalves - Springpad's a neat application, but I haven't tried the latest. It looks like they're going in more of a Pinterest direction, which is definitely a hot area right now
engberg - we tend to focus more on your own use of your own memories rather than social discussion boards, but it's interesting
spg SCOTT - Q: What is the point of the author field? As far as I can tell it is filled in when notes are emailed in, but is otherwise unused. I had an idea of using it as a special field since it accepts strings (perhaps a date - until something better arises).
rkapurple - Q: on the back of GrumpyMonkey - what's the latest timeframe from adding ability to 'create' note links in iOS clients? mentioned by Phil in the last podcast.
engberg – I sent an email to our product manager for Playbook to clarify, thanks
BasieBand - I still have problems with portrait photos appearing as landscape when taken with iPhone and added to Evernote.
heather - @BasieBand Evernote does not support EXIF data at the present time - your phone is "virtually" creating a portrait image out of a landscape one. We *may* add support for this in the future, but each platform reads EXIF information differently.
emtunc - Q: Are there plans to add offline storage to the PlayBook app? This is something on a lot of people's wish-list
engberg - @emtunc - building a client to perform full synchronization turns out to be a really hard problem. When we've done that in the past (e.g. iOS), it's been about as much work as the rest of the application combined. So we're definitely considering it, but I don't think it's something that we're planning to release soon due to the level of effort
bluesky_ca - Is the "favorites" notebook going to show up back at the top of the list of notebooks on the iOS? How come there's no "favorites" notebook in the PC desktop version?
mcd78 - Awesome Phil, look forward to it.
saybar - thanks for the great product! Do you have any plans to increase security - for example, notifications of failed logins or email confirm for logins from new devices?
GrumpyMonkey - I know I have already asked a bunch of questions, but perhaps I can throw some more out there in a big message:
GrumpyMonkey - 1. Why was the search explanation bar removed from the Mac app? Any chance of getting it back?
GrumpyMonkey - 2. Any chance of getting a "save and continue" button on the ipad, or saving after each keystroke (as some other apps do)? It's always a worry on the iPad about losing data if an app crashes.
joelhwilliams - thanks for the "offline tag" reply @engberg - I can see the UI issue with scrolling through 10000 tags - it would just be a hugely useful approach to be able to eliminate notebooks all together and use only tags - a note being able to be associated with only one notebook is exactly my problem - I have information that needs to be associated with multiple projects (more than one client may want the same kitchen sink, for instance) and tags simplify that for me.
Dave B. - I am very interested in the ability to encrypt an entire note, including any attachments. The ability to encrypt selected bits of text is fine for some things, but there are others -- tax records, for example -- which I'd love to keep in Evernote, but would prefer to not have to put in an encrypted 7-zip file first. I realize I'd lose the ability to search the content of encrypted notes, bug tags would be sufficient for my needs when needing to locate the relevant notes.
thesab - Will the Due Date field/functionality be generic enough to be used as Source Date for a note? It's the one thing that prevents me from using Evernote efficiently as a information archive.
mdalves - + 1 for a way to lock individual notes.
billy - Everyone who read the article got a kick out of the robot. Phil, do you like communicating like that when you're out of the office?
GrumpyMonkey - @Geoff. Thanks for commenting on the search explanation bar. Look forward to the community discussion.
emtunc - @engberg Thanks for the reply - are we talking months, late this year or hard to tell?
heather - @emtunc We like to take our time to do things right.
gbarry - @emtunc and we don't necessarily give release dates.
emtunc - Thanks @heather and @gbarry - I hope to see something soon!
emtunc - More importantly, a working app!
shalinigupta -Are there plans to further expand social media sharing options - possibly to LinkedIn? Path? YouTube? etc?
Andrew Sinkov - @shalinigupta Evernote is fundamentally about private information, but the ability to selectively share across social networks that you value is important. We're exploring options to allow for that.
shalinigupta - thanks!
joelhwilliams - did I see mention of "favorites"? the ability to "favorite" a note is one I've found very useful in Dropbox that I'd love to see in Evernote
joelhwilliams - and what was the mention of "templates" in iOS? have I missed something? I use iOS but haven't noticed templates
heather - @joelhwilliams "favorites" are a legacy feature on the iPhone client
joelhwilliams - thanks @heather
robfuzz - Could you please offer some larger type sizes for notes in Evernote iOS? The type especially in Evernote for iPhone is very small! In general I'm not sure why the font styles and sizes you choose in Evernote for Desktop don't carry over to the iOS counterparts.
engberg - @robfuzz - notes can actually have text with a huge variety of sizes (under the covers), but we know that that can result in some inconsistencies in displays of different resolutions
engberg - which is a little bit of a tough balance, since if the "default" text size on iOS was a lot bigger, than clipped notes would look a lot worse since most web clips assume a certain screen size
engberg - so we're doing some tweaking to try to come up with more elegant heuristics
alexk7110 - Any plans for autocomplete of advanced search terms on desktop ?
engberg - @alexk7110 - we're working on a number of changes to the desktop UI, and I think that autocomplete is definitely something in that category
engberg - I think the details are still in flux, but we want to make it much easier to enter content and search on the desktop
alexk7110 - Once looking for eg. Tag:blah the blah part could be autocomplete
engberg - @alexk7110 - that's a good example of where we'd like to do more autocomplete. we do some of that on some of our platforms, but autocomplete hasn't appeared as much on the desktop clients
GrumpyMonkey - I am piggy-backing on the question I asked earlier about future plans for the iPad. From the forum: "the ipad app is easily one of the best productivity apps available in the apple marketplace. Yet, I feel like it is only scratching the surface of what is possible with the device. What I’d like to see is an app that stands on its own (no need for us to fire up the computer to add note links) and provides all of the major features along with a stunningly well-designed UI.
gbarry - Seeing some good questions around security, which we've been pretty clear on in various forum posts. I'll search around for those and direct users to them at a later time.
gbarry - @GM: feature parity is definitely a major focus for every app
gbarry - we've had some great internal discussions, often kicked off by forum users, on changes and adjustments we can make to the UI
mdalves - I'd like to have categorization and sorting options in the Trunk.
engberg - @mdalves - thanks, we definitely plan to revamp the UI in the trunk to let you (e.g.) filter down to entries that are only on Android
engberg - that's been a bit of a gap for a while, and we're doing some overhauls, but it's taking a bit longer than we expected
mdalves - thanks @engberg
gbarry - @mdalves: the Trunk goes along with some of our other major web redesigns. I'm thinking most recently of the launch of http://dev.evernote.com/. We're working to overhaul, as Dave mentioned, major areas of our website
bluesky_ca - Maybe this is the wrong place for this question, but I don't understand offline notebooks. I have an iPod Touch (wifi only) and if I download and open a note while online, I can see it when I'm offline. What's the difference with that and offline notebooks (or where do I find that answer)?
engberg - @bluesky_ca - if you mark a notebook as "offline", that will pull all of the contents of all of the notes down to your device so you know that you can see them when you don't have networking
engberg - whereas what you're seeing is more simple caching ... it may happen to have a copy because you looked at it lately
engberg - but that's not as reliable, and would be tedious to do that for hundreds of notes in a big nb
bluesky_ca - Oh, ok, thanks!
GrumpyMonkey - @bluesky. Notes sometimes get cached in local memory, but not permanently. Here is a link: https://support.ever...ernote-for-iPad
joelhwilliams - @bluesky_ca if you have a .pdf attached to a note that is NOT in an offline notebook and you're away from wifi/3g, you can see the note and that there is a .pdf attached, but you can't open the .pdf because it's not downloaded. with the note in an "offline notebook", you can open the .pdf because offline notebooks download the entire .pdf and store it for use offline instead of just downloading the thumbnail
whuber - Any chance you are bringing back template functionality like you had in version 1 and 2?
Phil Libin - There are big iOS changes in the works, both for iPhone and iPad. Versions 4.3 will have the same general UI but be based on a completely overhauled code base and be much faster on almost all operations. The next version after that - 5.0 - will have big improvements to the UI and feature set. Both will be out in the next few months.
GrumpyMonkey - @Phil Sounds exciting. Would you be willing to let us in on any details? For instance, what were some of the factors driving your decision to make the overhaul? What issues were you hoping to address?
Phil Libin - @GrumpyMonkey Sure, we'll set up something to discuss the next wave of design improvements across all platforms. There are unified factors driving all of it.
GrumpyMonkey - @Phil. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to it!
JMichael - Do you have any near term plans to fix the big security hole with Trunk Apps -- The app has all permissions (read/edit all notes) even if it only need ADD Note permission?
engberg - @JMichael - for each application, we can control which permissions they receive. We do work with the developers when they release the application to allow them to choose the "minimal" set that they believe they need for their app. However, sometimes they actually need more to fully perform the operations they need. For example, an app that allows you to create notes may need to be able to read your account to give you a list of destination Notebooks
engberg - sometimes, the reason for those permissions isn't completely clear. Sort of like why it may not be clear why Evernote for (e.g.) Android asks to see your contact list. That’s needed if you ever want to email a note to someone, so we can show a list of options
JMichael - @engberg But that still allows the Trunk App to read all my Notes. When we install a Trunk App we should be able to limit its permissions in my Evernote account.
Brallan - Nesting / Hierarchy..... ever in EN??
Andrew Sinkov - @Brallan That was a popular request, so we made some changes a little while back. You can now visually organize your notebooks into Stacks, so you can have a collection of notebooks in a 'work' stacks or 'home' stacks. You can also organize tags hierarchically.
Brallan - I am aware of stacks... so the answer (so far) is "no," -- I will probably look elsewhere - thanks
robfuzz - @engberg I didn't realize the notes you create yourself and the clipped content were connected in that way. There's no way to have the clipped content stay the default text size but self-created notes could have a choice of one size larger and it wouldn't affect clipped text?
engberg - @robfuzz - if a note just has some text in it without explicitly including the font size, then each platform has a "default" font and size. On some (e.g. Windows) that's configurable, but not currently on ios
whuber - I read a while back that the IPhone / IPad apps offer the use of templates on their "new" tab. Are you going to offer this feature on Android and, most importantly to me, on Windows PC also, and when?
Phil Libin - @whuber Templates are a long time in coming, but they'll be there.
shalinigupta - Not sure if this is already possible but will UI enhancements include the ability to customize/personalize interface? For example if a university wanted to include their logo on each note, etc.
Phil Libin - @shalingupta You can customize the welcome page that people in your organization will see when you invite them to a sponsored group, but you can't customize the main UI.
engberg - @shalinigupta - we do have some customization in some of our apps (e.g. the toolbar on Mac), but we don't currently have "skinning" or "branding". We did a little testing of this on our web UI, but it's a bit more complicated on our desktop apps due to the competition for pixels
joelhwilliams - In the Evernote Trunk, would you consider separating "Mobile" into platform - nothing more depressing than scrolling through the mobile apps to see what sounds like a cool third party app and finding it isn't available for your mobile platform
Andrew Sinkov - @joelhwilliams Great point. We're working on a Trunk redesign that will make all of that much easier.
emtunc - @engberg, will someone post us an update on the BB forum regarding the PlayBook app?
gbarry - @emtunc: I'll definitely be in touch with an update on the Playbook
thesab - Will shared notebooks get nested tags?
emtunc - thank you gbarry
bluesky_ca - I didn't realize that my notes were only downloaded "temporarily" in cache. If I upgraded to premium and used offline notebooks, would that impact the amount of memory/storage used on my iPod Touch?
engberg - @bluesky - no, the caching memory space is independent of your account level. to be sure you have a copy of your notes, you'd upgrade and then use offline notebooks explicitly
gbarry - alright, I think we're nearing the end of our time with Phil, Dave, and Andrew
gbarry - they've already stayed past their time with us, so thank you all for taking the time to answer some user questions
mdalves - Thanks for your time.
engberg - thanks!
GrumpyMonkey - Thanks a lot!
gbarry - a few of us will stick around to close out the threads and any remaining questions
spg SCOTT - Got one that was missed:What is the point of the author field? As far as I can tell it is filled in when notes are emailed in, but is otherwise unused. I had an idea of using it as a special field since it accepts strings (perhaps a date - until something better arises).
Phil Libin - @spgSCOTT the author field is about to get a lot more useful, once our collaboration redesign is deployed
JMichael - Will you be posting a transcript of this chat?
GrumpyMonkey - @JM yes. I think that was mentioned earlier.
gbarry - @jmichael: yes
robfuzz - thank you!
Andrew Sinkov - Thanks everyone!
Dave B. - Thanks for your time EN team!
spg SCOTT - Thanks Phil, sounds good
Phil Libin - Thanks folks - happy to answer questions directly via email or tweet.
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I agree to a certain extent JB, but remember we also had a CEO who seemed more interested in what he could eat whilst travelling on Evernote's dime than most other things.

We also had socks and all sorts of other nonsense. All that nonsense was of course "Awesome" in Sinkov speech.

I do miss Dave though...



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7 hours ago, jbenson2 said:

Remember the good old days

It was entertaining, and led to the service Evernote is today.
However as with all things; Change is inevitable. Change is constant.
For one thing; the investment money dried up.
Evernote needs leaders who can manage the company in the new economic reality.

Those were the days my friends

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3 hours ago, Metrodon said:

I agree to a certain extent JB, but remember we also had a CEO who seemed more interested in what he could eat whilst travelling on Evernote's dime than most other things.

We also had socks and all sorts of other nonsense. All that nonsense was of course "Awesome" in Sinkov speech.

I do miss Dave though...



Yes, they all had different styles, but they all seemed to value input from the customers and were willing to openly discuss issues with us.

In my opinion, Evernote today no longer has the same customer viewpoint.



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1 hour ago, Metrodon said:

There is some good advice in there. What's most relevant for me has to do with not prioritizing email first thing in the day. Of course, I can't really follow this specific advice:


I have two simple rules for dealing with email:

  • If it takes two minutes or less, I deal with it immediately.
  • Everything else, I route to someone else on my team or send to my Evernote to deal with later. Otherwise I just archive it.

Mainly because "someone else on my team" would also be me.

One statement left me a bit gob-smacked, though: "I probably oversee about nine different Google calendars." "Probably"? "About"? How the heck doesn't he know such a relatively small number exactly? Maybe that's the problem with the development of the Windows program lately: too much "probably about". :D

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Dunno -- this seems revisionist -- or at best rosy-colored -- history to me. Sure, back in the long past, the gods were wont to occasionally float down and freely converse with the mortal crowd, but that was not all the time, or even all that often. It's not all that different now, even though we don't get CTO-level visits any more; we do get to give direct feedback to Evernote staff (I got a pretty good bit of feedback from and for the new Spaces feature just recently).

And this view denigrates the contributions from Evernote folks who do participate (the cast changes over time, but in the current era, I can mention @dconnet, @Shane D., @rezecib. I, for one appreciate their participation here. I don't need the CTO to explain stuff to me, though I do like it when a developer takes time to shed light on design decisions / constraints, etc.

Oh, and it's not as if things were always rosy back then -- remember Todos? (Everybody: "Hey, we want Todos!!!" Evernote: "Ok, we'll give you Todos." Everybody: "Yay!!" Evernote: "OK, here are Evernote Todos -- we call them 'Reminders'."  Everybody: "WTF? Those aren't what I wanted.") Remember? There was no deep down design discussion back-and-forth going on with the general forum users with respect to todos. Evernote delivered something vaguely todo-ish but a lot of people didn't want those (in fairness, they work well for me). Remember "largest-smallest"? Remember Work Chat? If Evernote was so responsive in the past, why are there still no nested notebooks? Have (for example) Windows bullet lists ever worked perfectly?

Honestly, I don't really see that there's much 'there' there...

Edit: Note that I'm not saying that customer communication couldn't improve; it can, and should. What I'm saying is that it could have improved back then, too.

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Yes, there are some anecdotal examples of individual employees offering a comment here and there. 

My point is the difference between now-and-then is the same as night-and-day.  

5 to 10 years ago, I might not have agreed with some Evernote decisions (Due Date capability for example), but at least there were active and ongoing discussions between customers and the company.

Now, in my opinion, that openness has dried up. There is a noticeable lack of transparency that appears to be caused by restricting corporate communications.

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34 minutes ago, jbenson2 said:

Now, in my opinion, that openness has dried up. There is a noticeable lack of transparency that appears to be caused by restricting corporate communications.

Um, OK...

Oh wait...


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3 hours ago, Metrodon said:

Due Dates!!!

I'm having 'nam style flashbacks....

Hey, how about we conjure up BnF, and have a real party!!

3 hours ago, jbenson2 said:

Due Dates = R.I.P.

Search Code 47ER92
Yup, They're still there. Heh, heh. Thanks. 
Sort of supports my point.


Wait, you can't do that -- I already used them to support my point... :) 

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27 minutes ago, jefito said:

Oh, and I forgot to mention the illustrious @dlu. A very helpful guy.

Another one for my point. I agree DLU used to be helpful, but he has been silent for quite a while.


DLU 2.png

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  • Ex Employees

Hey guys,

Long-time employee, first time poster.

I just wanted to say that this post struck a chord with me as someone who's been with Evernote since 2012 and I just wanted to assure you that there are still dedicated, loyal people behind the scenes working hard to deliver the amazing product you expect.

Please feel free to DM me if you have a burning problem or existential life question. Personal OKR for the quarter: Stop by here weekly and lend a hand.

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On 4/18/2018 at 10:18 PM, Garrett P said:

Hey guys,

Long-time employee, first time poster.

I just wanted to say that this post struck a chord with me as someone who's been with Evernote since 2012 and I just wanted to assure you that there are still dedicated, loyal people behind the scenes working hard to deliver the amazing product you expect.

Please feel free to DM me if you have a burning problem or existential life question. Personal OKR for the quarter: Stop by here weekly and lend a hand.

Thank you for the post. I think it goes a long ways when users/customers see that Evernote is listening. People want to be acknowledged in any type of relationship. We all get that not all feature requests will be implemented, we all get that it is not possible. 

What people want is feedback, response and sometimes an explanation.

Glad to see an employee respond and looking forward to your weekly stop here.

Happy Friday!

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