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I've got EN Personal and EN Business.

Two issues!

1. When in EN on desktop over a week ago I've experienced sync issues only on my business account. I switch over to the personal account without closing out and the personal sync works smoothly. I am able to sync using the sync from the dropdown > file > sync or by clicking the sync button on the icon menu. However, I go back to business and neither work...it may work intermittently. I've done a full removal via software to remove recommended by EN support team. I've installed the software both from the App Store and as recommended from the EN website directly. I've slowly brought in notebooks and notes as not to overload the sync and eventually it errors out showing a red exclamation mark on the sync. This again is only occurring on the business side.

2. When I close out it never closes. I have to eventually do a force quit each time.

I've opened a ticket via support and made it to elevated support but feel like I've gotten no further. The responses are slow in my personal opinion and feel as a paying business member there should be some type of live support. I've sent activity logs and at this point am frustrated .











Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 12.46.04 PM.png

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