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(Archived) Latest Mac Beta questions.

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Good to see a new Mac beta out.

2 things.

1) To Do's Tick Box has been enabled except I still have no idea where to say something is a To Do or not let alone if it is completed.

2)I have not done this with either Mac Beta but what is the best process to get a note out of a photo taken off a cellphone ?

Now I have done this off my MacbookPro with the inbuilt camera and chosen new snapshot and it auto flips to camera mode and puts the photo in .

So thats all great but what if I am out with a cellphone (I have an iPhone) and take a photo of a business card for instance and want to use that as a snap shot evernote how do I get it in evernote. It seems you cant drag in a photo. So whats the correct process ?

It seems a few things like the to docs are done different on Windows as opposed to OS X.

I hope we get some Mac specific Help files soon.Thanks.

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1) When you insert a ToDo checkbox, it starts out in a "not completed" state, but you can click on it to switch it to a "completed" state. You can then find all of the notes that contain one or more "not completed" checkboxes by doing an Attribute search on the left-hand side. Open the "To Do" option under "Attributes" and select the "Not Completed" option.

2) If you have an image file on your computer, you can drag that image onto a notebook to make a new note that contains your image. You could also just drag that image onto the Evernote application icon in your Dock ... this will make a new note with that image in your default notebook.

One other option: you could also just send the image directly from your phone into Evernote without transferring it off onto your computer. To do this, you'll need to log in to your web account and then go to the "settings" page using the link at the top. On the Settings page, there is a section called "Emailing notes" that gives you a personalized email address that you can use to email notes into your account. Try emailing an image to this address directly from the iPhone -- it should create a new note on the server within a minute or two, and then you can just click "Sync" on your Mac client to download the image locally. If you like how this works, you could make an address book entry for this address on your phone and use it to send yourself images whenever you need.

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Thanks I get the photo part.

The todo part I cannot see "How" to allocate a todo or a todo check box to a note. I cant even find a todo checkbox anywhere.

Seems pretty unintuitive I know it is a beta of course.

I tried dragging a note over the todo in the attributes but that doesnt work. Dragging only seems to work onto a Tag.

So how do we make a todo and then get it into a note.

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You can insert a new ToDo checkbox into a note by going into the note editor and then clicking on the little checkmark button right above the editor window. (The tooltip says "insert ToDo checkbox"):


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You can insert a new ToDo checkbox into a note by going into the note editor and then clicking on the little checkmark button right above the editor window. (The tooltip says "insert ToDo checkbox"):

[attachment=0]Picture 1.png[/attachment]

I am starting to feel a little "thick" here.

Every note I open up has that little "insert a todo" check box ticked. You cannot uncheck it.

Clicking on the Attributes section on the left pane of the evernote window and choosing completed, or not completed or all nothing appears in the main window where all notes should appear that meets those attributes criteria.

I also notice the pulldown menu option "insert a ToDo (shift command T) doesn't work yet either.

Sorry for being a pain I just cant get it to work.

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That thing with the checkmark on it is an editor button, like the rest of the ones on that line ... you click it once, and it puts a ToDo checkbox into your note wherever the cursor is sitting. Click it again, it will put another one. These show up as little grey squares, which you can then toggle between done and not done.

I think the confusion is that ToDo checkboxes are marks inside the note, rather than a piece of information about the note. So it just shows up in the text like an image, etc.

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cheers your right they are very hard to see or be aware of.

When put in a note they end up anywhere you place the cursor and there is no label of any kind to indicate what it is.

When you place one of these in a note they dont show up as a number in the left column like they do with Tags I have a Tag called Phone and every note that has that tag adds to the number in the left tags / phone tag .. I currently have 5 phone tags so 5 shows up beside phone in the tags. This doesn't happen with ToDo's and seems that to be consistent it should. I sent a comment in suggesting that there be a consistaencey in the Mac version where you drag a note to a tag and or a todo on the left and it shows up in there. Another option would be to have todos in the same place as tags in the "Note Info" box. Would be more consistent in my mind. Mac stuff should be mostly drag and drop which currently on functions for Tags.

Anyway thanks I really appreciate your time.

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