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Encryption option disappeared

Guest Meercat

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Guest Meercat

Dear Community :) 

I can't see the encryption option anymore - it's disappeared from the drop-down menu when I right-click on the Internet-based interface and also disappeared from the interface on my iPhone.

Also in both interfaces, I can't any more previously encrypted text.

Is it a temporary bug or a permanent loss of functionality?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!



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  • Level 5*

There was never an encryption option in the IOS platform (iPhone)

Which device/browser are you using for the "internet-based interface".  Right-clicking is never an option in the browsers I use.

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Guest Meercat

Hello DTLow, thanks for your reply!

I am using three devices: 1) iPhone 5C, iOS 10.3.3; 2) Lenovo PC, Windows 10Pro, Chrome browser for Evernote online, not an app; 3) Macbook Pro, Mac OS High Sierra version 10.13.4 - also Chrome browser, not an app

It's true that there were recent software updates, but on all three devices I was previously able to encrypt notes and edit encrypted text. Now all three devices can't do it. 



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  • Evernote Staff

This is probably another casualty of the recent Chrome update, which forced us to roll back a number of things in Chrome. If so, it should still be there in Safari and the native clients (but never made it to Firefox).

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Guest Meercat

rezecib, thanks for your reply! I ultimately solved the problem by installing Evernote as an application on Mac Pro. That was the only option where I could still see the encryption function. Unfortunately, it is not visible in Safari nor in Opera. 

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I have an encrypted note on my account that I was previously able to access on Evernote windows and through the Android app. Today I tried viewing the encrypted text on Android, and it didn't work. I tried in the web interface on chrome on Android, and it also didn't work. In both cases there was a "broken image" icon where the text should have been (see attached). I know that I entered the password correctly because putting in a different password resulted in a "wrong password" message.

I view this as a major breach of trust as I rely on Evernote to keep my important data safe and accessible, and at this moment some of that data is as good as gone. Even if this bug is fixed, I will still have lost some trust in the platform and will likely no longer use it for data this important.


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