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Was adding to an older note (on my MBP) using EN 7.03

Had highlighted all the text, and was looking for the right way to set the line spacing uniformly - clicked on what looked like a line space option, but that was an actual line - so the entire page disappeared and all I had was a single line across the document. Did command-Z right away, nothing happened!  Note gone. WTF!!!!

I quickly picked up my phone, switched it to airplane mode, and copy-pasted the destroyed note into a new note - but all the edits I'd made on the laptop were gone.

This is sh*t functionality - anything should be able to be undone.

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Couldn't agree more. Had the same. Undo button doesn't work. Very dodgy method to make you upgrade so can access the note history. I wasn't quick enough to switch to mobile app so my note is gone (unless I pay of course). FIX THE UNDO BUTTON EVERNOTE!!

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