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Have they destroyed my beloved clipper???

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I "live" on my Evernote clipper.
I upgraded Evernote yesterday and today...
when a notebook is suggested and it's not the right notebook, 
I have always been able to start typing the name of the notebook and that brings the right one up.
But today, it won't let me do this and instead I am required to scroll to find the right notebook?? Really?
Scroll through over a hundred notebooks???
Tell me this ain't true!
Plus there seems to no longer be an options section where I can add custom keystrokes.
Somebody please...tell me I am mistaken about these two things!

Evernote PLEASE don't make me start searching for a replacement for you
especially since I just paid for another year!


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There are an amazing number of posts in the forums about the Chrome clipper - please search before adding a new thread!  I'm trying to get a picture of how many users are affected here,  in the hope that it will be Evernote's number one priority to get a full rewrite completed.


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