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Ver moves notes it only has VIEW access to

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My son sent me a list of receipts via Work Chat from his EN account. Normally I copy that to my personal notebook in the desktop. I couldn't do that on iOS though. I changed the folder I saw in Work Chat for the note to my @INBOX notebook and it moved the note, even though at the bottom of the page there was a green bar saying I only had VIEW access to the note.

After it moved, EN crashed (I sent a report) but when I restarted it, clicking on the note again in Work Chat only says "Can't Open Note - either you need permission to access or it was moved."

And it was moved. It is in my @inbox.

That seems to be a pretty big issue that you can share notes and via IOS, a read-only person remove your note from your account. I don't know if it is only a glitch through Work Chat or if any shared notebooks would allow this.

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