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Latest web clipper release (4/5/18) does not support adding comment while clipping.



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This comment feature while on the note you are clipping is vital - it's a hassle to not be able to do this WHILE on the note.  Sometimes the information is dynamic from the page being captured and if we are able to write a small note while there - it's very helpful.

Also, the Screen Capture doesn't apparently allow a full screen capture as it used to - it's a fraction of the screen.  Unless I'm not understanding how this works, it appears to be much less functional than it was yesterday (I use this feature constantly each day) -   It's important to get the "WHOLE" screen, not a fraction.

Not liking this update at all.  Please revert to what we all loved.

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I'm on OSX (Mac) and the clipper DOES work as it used to with Safari.  So it appears that this change is only on Chrome for now.  I really hope the developers consider what this change does to the user experience in general with Evernote - these are features I use many times per day and when they make me work a lot more the to get the same functionality as I did yesterday, that's obviously disappointing.  Sometimes, the old adage "if ain't broke, don't fix it" applies - and this appears to be case here with the Web Clipper with Chrome. 

Please bring back what worked great yesterday!

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Evernote, can you please give us a sense of when functionality will be returned to the Chrome Web Clipper? I miss so many things:

1. The ` shortcut to initiate the web clipper

2. The remarks sections

3. The ability to set the folder with the first letter of the folder name rather than having to scroll through the entire list with my mouse.

This massively reduces workflow and attractiveness of Evernote.


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@farmer_rob for some fairly good commercial reasons Evernote rarely comments on developments in progress... or anything else,  usually;  if you haven't seen it already there's a lot of activity in other threads about this,  and you can vote to get the Clipper fixed here:


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2 hours ago, AndreasM said:

I don't understand, why we should vote to fix the Chrome Clipper? Evernote shouldn't break the clipper functionality in first place. We are paying them for their service. They are not doing us any favor, rather disservice.

You're not required to vote,  but this is a (mainly) user-supported forum,  and while Evernote employees do read the posts here,  there are so many individual threads on the clipper issue that fixing it may simply be one more bug fix amongst many others.  The idea of the vote is to get as many users to post in one place as possible,  and to record how important this is to Chrome users so as to make it a main priority to get this done.  Just trying to help out here... ;)

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On 4/5/2018 at 10:46 AM, jedipunk said:

Also, the clipper appears not to work on Politico's website. The clipping dialog box does not appear on top.

I experienced that from within the New York Times app. If you're in the app., you could try clipping from mobile Chrome. It's a PITA. 

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