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Webclipped shows related notes even when deselected

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Why does Evernote's Webclipper insist on showing me Related Notes with each clip? 

The options are:

[] Show successful clip dialog

[] Show successful clip dialog without Related notes

[] Automatically close Clipper

I have selected the last option, but see Related Notes anyway. I do not want to select one of the other options, because I also do not want to see a successful clip dialog.

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Hi.  Chrome recently had a bit of a meltdown -

- so hopefully there will be updates in due course.

Meantime,  check Evernote > Tools > Options > Note and scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Tick Advanced options (bottom left) if it's not already selected and check your context options are UNticked...


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Thanks, but I'm talking about the Evernote Web Clipper extension for Chrome. Not matter what options I select, it continues to show me 'Related Notes' after each clip.

I'm a paying Evernote customer who is getting fed up with the fact that almost each update breaks something or adds something unwanted.

I simply want to clip whatever I want to clip, without the Web Clipper showing me any related notes. 



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3 hours ago, windpower said:

I simply want to clip whatever I want to clip, without the Web Clipper showing me any related notes

So my reply earlier was meant to convey:  it could be a short term problem that's being fixed as we speak,  or you may have some app settings that will affect the Chrome clipper's behaviour.  If there are no setting issues,  then an update should be along in due course...


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