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BUG: Indenting & formatting code blocks

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I'm using version on Windows 10.

I tried creating a new code block, then pasting some code from my favorite editor. Of course since I'm pasting it, it too should keep the text format from my IDE.

However, indentations are removed. I tried indenting inside the code block, but the feature seems to be disabled and I am unable to CTRL + M.

I then tried pasting code without the code block, then indenting it. This works. At least until I highlight the code and click on code block. It then changes the colour of all the code to an orange colour which was the colour of the first word (being a function in my code).





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I agree with you on this.  I've asked, as far back as 2012 (met with a reply of crickets), that the editor control be changed to something better.  I don't know what they are using under the hood, but as a fellow software developer, I can recommend a few that are on par with MS Word or any other good enough editor out there.


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