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Removed highlight feature on Webclipper



Guys. Guys.

One of the most used features on Webclipper, IMHO, is the highlight feature. I used to use it every day, on a lots of articles captured. But now it's gone.
I already asked support about it, but they say it was removed and they will "notice the developers about that". It was about, not sure, 1 week ago. Since then, there is a new version of the extension (7.0.1) and my hopes to have highlight again on this new version were gone after install.

So, what the heck. Why this feature was removed? I use it a LOT! I want it back! I'm losing a lot of info and having a lot of work when I need to capture the full article and goes to Evernote to highlight the parts I want. Btw, Evernote web doesn't have the highlight feature also! Come on! I need to change the text color on the parts I want.

What can be done about that?

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Team Evernote


It was simply the most important feature for the web clipper. I use it multiple times daily for documenting my research. Do add that feature ASAP. without that feature i would rather switch from evernote to some other platform

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