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How to restrict search scope to "My Notes" without using cursor

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As far as I know, search scope always defaults to "All Notes".  I want it to default to "My Notes".

Failing that, I want to use a keyboard shortcut, or store a query, or write a script, that will search only "My Notes".

The only way I know to restrict scope to My Notes is to using the cursor to click in the search field, then select My Notes with the cursor.

(I suppose I could write a query that enumerated all of my notebooks, but that's fragile and tedious.)


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Hi.  What are 'my notes' if they're different from 'all notes'?  To limit a search to one notebook,  add "notebook:<my_notes>" to the search.  Or find a way to add a my notes' tag to all the target notes and search "tag:my_notes <my search terms>"

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When you have access to shared notebooks the upper corner right search field on the Mac defaults to 'All Notes', meaning both your own notes (My Notes)  and notes in shared notebooks. I could tag all my notes with an additional tag,  but then I would have to continue to add that tag to new notes as I create them.  I could put all my own notes to a single notebook and qualify the query with that notebook name.  Instead, I was hoping for programmatic access to the search field 'My Notes' qualifier.

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I don't think there's a good way to do this right now. It's not explicitly part of the search grammar itself (but rather a flag in the API call), so you can't type anything that does exactly the same thing as clicking "My Notes".

You could, however, add something like "author:skkippy" to the search if you haven't been modifying the author field on your notes. And if you want to really automate it you could use any hotkey scripting language to get a hotkey for adding that.

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Thanks rezecib. The "author:skkippy" idea is clever. I've never thought about using the author attribute.  When I checked, however, only about 1/2 of the 5K notes I've created have me as the author - the rest have no author.  At a quick glance, it's not obvious why some have an author and some don't - but I suppose this is a matter for another thread.

I'd like to get on the bandwagon (maybe a small bandwagon) of people who want more ability to separate their own notes from shared ones. Scoping to "My Notes" belongs in the search grammar.

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