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MS Outlook Save Attachment Directly to Evernote



In MS Outlook desktop app you can select the down arrow next to an attachment in the email and get the below options. There is options to upload to OneDrive or if you have Google Drive, you can save it there.

I would like to have the option to SAVE TO EVERNOTE without having to save the entire email.

I can drag and drop into an existing note in Evernote with the current version I have. (I've heard the latest updates took that away or it is a bug at least.) However, that requires an extra step if you are within Outlook. You have create a new blank note and dragged the attachment into it.

I tried dragging the file onto the Evernote icon in the taskbar but that did not work.


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Hi.  I'm on 6.11.2 and drag/ dropping a PDF attachment from an Outlook (2013) email into a blank Evernote note definitely works for me.  There's no attribution back to the email or its subject line,  but you do get a (visible!) PDF attachment to the note.  If you use the Outlook clipper,  you get the email and (optionally,  but not very obviously...) the attachment.5ac4f444a8bb7_ScreenClip3.png.7eac46a5010668301ef5c12ec68c22c1.png

And the extra email content bumps up the note size very slightly.

I know I can drag and drop emails to my desktop,  and then into Evernote and the MSG attachment files will open in Outlook if I want to revisit the content.  Lots of my routine email exchanges are now just lists of dated headings like 'quoted' / 'accepted' / 'delivered' / 'invoiced' with accompanying email icons so I can see the whole transaction in one glance,  but still delve deeper if I need to.  Keeps my Outlook clearer and faster (that's the plan anyway...) and makes my Evernote searches more effective.

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