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Google Drive Triangle Icon Does not Appear

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As you can see from he image above, I do not have a google drive triangle icon readily available on my account for whatever reason. I am not using a premium account but it says the sync is available to all accounts. I am using evernote online. If anyone knows how to get this going please advise. Greatly appreciated.

As a bonus, if anyone uses evernote with google drive, I would love to know the best way you do this. My ideal situation would be having 'workflow' google page workpapers that list out various goals, and have that sync to evernote so that I can more easily track them and note when completed etc. 


B Amechi 

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B Amechi- I have the same problem. My Google drive integration with the web version of Evernote doesn't work either. Evernote support told me this is a known issue and a fix is in the works. I'll be glad when it's back!

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7 hours ago, CharlieB said:

SImply a statement saying that they are working on it. Extremely poor. 

Would it be better if they said that they weren't working on it?

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On 7/5/2018 at 9:59 PM, jefito said:

Would it be better if they said that they weren't working on it?

If it were the truth it would be.  Regardless, working on it could be the patch to fix the issue will be out later today or someone submitted an bug/idea ticket to look at it and we may look into it sometime in the future at our digression.  If I pay for a service with these advertised features, I think I have a right to know so I can move on.  I just experienced this so looks to be an issue for over a year.  That make it look like this bug is low priority possibly enough so that it will never get assigned.  

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On 7/13/2019 at 10:53 AM, abernaki said:

That make it look like this bug is low priority possibly enough so that it will never get assigned.  

Attacking low priority backlog bugs/issues is definitely a common software development problem (we face it where I work, too).  Sometimes Evernote staff will pop in and say they're actively working on a particular problem, but more often that doesn't happen. Looks like they are in a period of prioritizing bug fixes and common functionality over new features, so maybe this will get fixed sooner rather than later.

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You don't need the Google Triangle icon anymore to add a Google document to an Evernote note, I found this by accident, all you need to do now to add a Google document is from within the google document select file-share or get link - copy the link and then paste it into your Evernote note then press enter and the link will change to a rich link like the one shown here. To opne the Google doc just click on your link and it will open the item in your browser (assuming you're logged in to Google that is)


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