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import some audio recordings from evernote into itunes so i can list to them on my phone, please help

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I’m trying to import some audio recordings from evernote into itunes so i can list to them on my phone, but somethings not working. Could you please help?

I’ve tried adding the songs from evernote in a few ways- right clicking and sending to itunes, dragging and dropping into itunes, and saving locally on my computer then using “add to library” in itunes. Either way, when the songs are added they will play fine on my mac but will not play on my phone and itunes says something like unable to play on my phone. And i notice that theres some issue with icloud  i add songs to itunes from evernote, it shows me error messages like these:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/0tnh617j0xpfh3z/Screenshot 2018-03-21 17.46.37.png?dl=0


https://www.dropbox.com/s/vwphfuygbtip2nl/Screenshot 2018-03-21 17.46.26.png?dl=0


Whats going wrong? How can i successfully import evernote recordings to itunes so i can listen on my phone?



Thanks, Dan


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Hi.  I'm not an iTunes user,  so could be very wrong;  but I assume iTunes preserves the file types it receives from an external source - so if your Evernote files are (forinstance) MP3,  it's trying to play that file using the phone's native music player. 

It may be that the phone simply can't read the file type provided,  and you need to look to convert it to something else.  Have a look online for your phone model and allowed file types,  and for converters from whatever format the files now are to (again forinstance) AAC or MP3,  which should be playable.

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I looked at some of my audio notes and they seem to be "m4a" files and iTunes should be able to convert them to Mp3 files. 

Accordingly internet, iTunes has a built-in conversion tool for m4a to mp3.

I assume you don't want to listen to these notes within the Evernote app on your phone, is that correct? Are you trying to create a playlist to listen to them back to back instead of switching between notes? I was trying to understanding the core problem so maybe we can introduce a different solution that might be overlooked.

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