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(Archived) Beta 3 Bug: "Can't save note 0, error: ATTR_NOT_FOUND"

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Started getting this error message a couple days ago when I try to type in a new note. It happened first in the release before, then continued after upgrading to that release.

"Can't save note 0, error: ATTR_NOT_FOUND"

If I try to add a note with the web clipper, I get the message "Can't add note" in the popup box.

I don't recall making any changes that would cause this error to appear.

Any ideas? I have "reported a problem" through the software. Thanks!

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Seems like your database file is broken somehow. If you can send us this file (\My Documents\My Evernote Files\Databases3\.exb) for examination, this would be great. PM me for details.

If you do not have any local notebooks in this database, you can do the following:

1) Exit Evernote

2) Rename your old .exb to .exb.backup

3) Run Evernote, enter your account name and password and synchronize with the Service. After sync, you will have all your notes in your local database.

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