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Evernote for Windows 6.11 GA

Chantal Leonard


  • Evernote Staff

Hi Folks, 

Thanks for the feedback on the 6.11 Beta, this version is now generally available. You can download it here and we'll be rolling out to all users and to the App Store over the next couple of weeks. Special thanks to our dogfooders who helped us spot the issue with PDFs not being displayed correctly - we've addressed the issue for the GA. 

Please stay tuned for our next Beta. 


Chantal and the rest of the Windows Team. 


Release Notes for Windows version 6.11

Note: Versions 6.11 is supported in OS versions Windows 7 and up.


  • Improved drag and drop support for lists, to-dos, and tables
  • Added incremental zoom control in the image gallery mode
  • Added support for hundreds of emojis using typebehind including ??????
  • Improved the performance of note loading


  • An issue where some clipped content is not visible in notes
  • An issue where words added to the dictionary aren't remembered between app launches
  • An issue where some notebooks are not listed when moving a note from a joined notebook
  • An issue where attached PDFs and Images are sometimes not searchable
  • An intermittent issue where new users can sometimes see no content after first launch
  • An issue where a new note is created in the default notebook when a stack is selected instead of the first notebook in the stack
  • An issue where rotating an image or annotating it results in the size of the image getting reset
  • An issue where Google drive links cannot be opened when the enable descriptive links is checked
  • Several workchat issues including one where a user is taken back to the "All Notes" view after a sync is performed
  • Several top crashes
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I finally just gave up on 6.11 GA.   The previous release was awful as I do a lot of copy / paste from Outlook to Evernote.   Paste would go to the bottom of the page and not where the curser was, Typing would do the same...   I finally uninstalled and went back to that I had on my laptop.  It does what I need.  

I will chime in with the others, I hate the new PDF view.   I love the view in 5.8.5.   If the viewer is the issue as I have read mentioned, why not just allow the PDF to be opened by the installed PDF viewer on the PC?

I miss some of the features in 6.11, but not enough to suffer thru the things that make my work more difficult.



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23 hours ago, Roger I said:

I finally just gave up on 6.11 GA.   The previous release was awful as I do a lot of copy / paste from Outlook to Evernote.   Paste would go to the bottom of the page and not where the curser was, Typing would do the same..

I don't recall noticing 6.11 GA doing that, but for me, 6.12 beta 2 doesn't do that, and since I have a home page note that I edit almost every day, I am reasonably confident I pasted and edited at the cursor location with 6.11 GA with no difficulty.

Having said that, I did notice random cursor location jumps similar to what you mention, with no rhyme or reason, not easily reproduced, but more often noted in connection with tables.

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Hi Evernote Team.


Currently, I'm running the 6.11 version that rolled out a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know there is a bug where Evernote won´t allow text content (it happened to me with Microsoft Word) to be pasted into notes. This is quite frustrating, so could you please look into it.


Thank you for your attention.

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On 4/6/2018 at 9:40 AM, chirmer said:

Hi Nick,

Can we get any information on the status for the PDF viewer in Evernote? Everyone hates it. Features were removed, including drag and drop, and people have been expressing disdain and regret over this for months in the forum. Can we get an answer from someone at Evernote that we're even being heard? Will we get that functionality back? Can we opt-out of the Chrome PDF viewer you've decided to use?

I have personally chosen to stop using Evernote and move to a different product because of this. Not just the complete breaking of a useful feature of your product, but because of Evernote staff's lack of response in addressing our concerns. I have lost faith in the company, in addition to the product. A direct answer from staff, for once, would make a big difference.

Thank you.

I hadn't been following this forum much lately, in part because I was hoping the quality problems with Evernote would have leveled off and I could focus on using it again. But after the last update I started noticing some weird things: a different PDF viewer, weird behavior when I used the Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome to create bookmarks of web sites, a lot of lag, a cursor that jumps around for no reason messing up input, and more. I don't use Evernote as heavily as some people. I only have about 1,800 notes. So it took a little while for the glitches to build to a "critical mass" for me. I wondered if it was just me and my machine. Having seen this thread, I realize I'm not just crazy (or if I am, it's a separate issue ?).

A while back when Evernote botched the roll-out of v8.x of the iOS client (with bugs that literally destroyed some people's note content including mine), I wondered publicly whether we'd go through similar pain the next time the company decided to make major changes to the Windows client. Well, I now know the answer. Spoiler alert: it's "yes."

I suspect we're shouting into the void here. It's not like customers haven't complained. A lot of us have. Pointedly. Evernote has had egregious quality problems for the last year or two, and they've had plenty of opportunity to listen to customer feedback and improve quality. For whatever reason, the quality issues remain. I suspect we either have to grin and bear it, or walk away. Complaining hasn't resulted in any positive changes.

So I'm just about where @chirmer is now. I think it's time to leave. And it's a shame, really. Evernote was a great idea, but the organization is headed in the wrong direction. I've seen this sort of thing before, and it usually indicates a company is in a death spiral.

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  • Evernote Staff

Hey Gang,

I wanted to thank you for all the feedback. I get your frustration, and I think it's essential for you to know that there's a Windows team behind every release.
Our client should perform more reliably, with no input lag, and with an improved UI -- in that order. We want this too! Unfortunately, it takes time to re-engineer aspects of our client.
Behind the scenes, we're chipping away at subtle software improvements that don't materially change the product, ergo they don't result in a bullet point on the release notes.

We seriously didn't just push out a release that only makes emojis more accessible. 

I've been advocating for more frequent releases so that we can get these behind-the-scenes changes into the hands of our users on a regular basis. 


Nick from the Windows Team


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8 minutes ago, Tamaru said:

I'm now unable to use dashes because they're automatically transformed into bullet points.

Hi.  Not sure about dashes,  but auto-formatting text has been around for a while - see Evernote > Tools > Options > Note (with 'advanced' ticked) to switch that off.  I'm using 6.11 on Windows 10 and my dashes seem to work OK...

format text options.jpg

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