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Hi everyone,

I am having some headaches with the new version of evernote web clipper on chrome, clipping in Gmail, appart from not having the search notebook anymore (already documented in a thread), I found that I am not able anymore to clip just attachments from a conversation.


Before I was able to unselect all emails and it would show me all the attachments in the thread, I could then leave it like this or just leave selected the attachments I wanted to clip. This was useful because sometimes I have long threads of conversation where new attachments keep arriving, I was able to rapidly clip only the new attachments or the new messages + attachments or even just the new messages to clip. 

After last update I can't do it anymore, first the attachments show inside each email (leaving me not knowing exactly how many attachments I have in that thread), so if I unmark an email in a thread, I will not have access anymore to the attachment, appart from the PITA of having to check every single message to see if there's an attachment inside.

Is there any possibility to roll back to a previous version of Web Clipper?

Thank you in advance,



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