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Uploading pictures of text



I see yesterday a feature was added where if upload a picture taken of text the picture will automatically crop the picture to only include a certain portion of the original picture. Unfortunately, it also cuts off part of the page that includes other information (e.g., pictures on the side, page numbers). How can this feature be turned off/made optional?

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Hi.  How exactly are you taking the picture?  If you're using the automatic camera,  you'll see a white square in the top right corner of your screen.  Tap that to get a manual picture button and avoid any automatic cropping.  Tap again to go back to auto.  If you tap the thumbnail picture after it has been taken,  you should also be able to choose between different picture types.

The camera should give you a green outline on screen to show you what parts of the overall view are being included - if that's not getting the whole document,  try better (more) lighting,  or switch to manual as above.

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My first picture did that too (cropped) but I realized I chose the "cleaned" option instead of the "original" option. I have to approve each picture though so I'm not much help in turning off the feature. However, the "original" will import the full photo. 

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