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Web Clipper - auto add horizontal line with space above for our notes



I wish Evernote would save all web clippings automatically with a horizontal rule and an empty line above where we could add notes later without having to deal with the garbled html that comes with the clipping.

I realize the clipper includes a "Remarks" section to do that, but I usually forget to include something there, and most of the time I want to add my own comments/notes later on my desktop, not while I'm on my phone quickly clipping something.

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For me, the biggest weakness in Evernote is missing any way to easily insert unformatted notes at the top of a clipping, a weakness that has always existed. My work around was to always add a remark in Evernote Web Clipper. Now Evernote Web Clipper 7.0 has removed the remarks field leaving no way to easily insert notes on top of a web clipping.

Please either restore remarks to Evernote Web Clipper and/or enable "remove formatting" to actually remove formatting for notes at the top of web clippings.

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