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Firstly, BRAVO for having the BACK button work.  That's a HUGE benefit in matching my Mental Model to the UI Model.  Humans will often think in terms of "what was that think I was looking at a minute ago". It's things like that which make it much better than Google Keep.


It would be great (and I bet fairly simple) to have a FORWARD button as well.  (or an un Back button).


So if I looked at item 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I could go BACK  BACK to 4, 3.
Then FORWARD to 4, 5


Basically it lets me move backward AND forward in time.



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There is a forward button:


If you don't have one, try right-clicking in the toolbar, selecting 'Customize' and dragging onto your toolbar.  You can hold either to show you forwards/backwards history and use [ALT][LEFT ARROW] and [ALT][RIGHT ARROW] as shortcuts.

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30 minutes ago, TK0047 said:

What I would like to happen is that we can use the BACK button on our mouses to go back a note.

That works for me now on Windows.  My mouse has a Back and Forward button. Both work in Evernote.  You may need to add that back and forward button.



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