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[BUG] Pasting link from DEVONthink works but not when adding to a string using Cmd-K

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When I paste a link to a group in DEVONthink into Evernote on Mac, it pastes the complete link and that link will in return open the group (folder) in DEVONthink. Such link looks somewhat like this: x-devonthink-item://F6EC8B22-73B8-47F1-B812-7BF20F0D1B8A

However, when I have a word in Evernote or a little sentence, like Click here to open in DEVONthink, and I select that word or sentence and then open the Add Link window by pressing Command-K, and if I then paste the link into the field, well, then the OK button remains grayed out!

This is clearly a bug.



Screenshot 2018-03-28 01.42.52.png

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