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PDF annotation/edit does not work on windows for premium user

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Hi everyone,

I am a premium user and I used to be able to annotate my PDFs. This feature seems to have been removed from all my devices running with Windows 10.

I can read them but I can no longer edit or annotate them directly in my notes.

Reinstalling and/or updating evernote as well as loging off/on do not solve the issue.

I used to be able to annotate on at least 1 device. When I logged off and back on, I could no longer do it.

I did not find any option or feature related to this situation in Evernote.

How can I solve this situation?

Thank you

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I'm having this exact same issue and could really use an answer as I use the annotate feature for articles to help with my university assignments. 

I recently updated to and now I can no longer annotate files of any type.



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