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Should I just give up on this terrible product?

1 - I have been saving to Evernote via the Android Chrome and when I went to look at my notes on my PC Chrome, almost all of them are "Clip Failed".  

2 -Seperate issue, I cannot use the Chrome extension because, as MANY other complained, it kept popping up windows.  ANNOYING!

Should this be renamed "NeverNote?"

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Hi.  You should find that even if the clip failed,  the note will have retained the URL of the source page so it should be fairly easy to revisit the page and try again.  Clips can fail for a variety of reasons,  including possible permission problems from the source page(s) or slow / intermittent connections to the internet.  I appreciate that it's disappointing to have to partially redo the work,  but mobile devices and the internet are prone to occasional issues.  As to Chrome,  please see...


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I hope OneNote will work out for you. But just for reference, I use an Android phone (from Samsung) and do not use the Chrome browser, and most clipping works OK, especially with the recent update to Evernote v. 7.17.1. It will be good when Evernote and Chrome can work well together, but some of the problems may be Chrome's doing, and EN can't control that.

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What I don't understand is that the EN clipper fails for me everyday, but not completely. I use Android EN clipper to clip the UK's front pages from the BBC website, but always there are some images missing from the clipping mainly from the end of clipped image. Is there a better clipper for Android Chrome?

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