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I don't want the social media and "flag this" buttons on shared notes

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On every note I share with my customers there are, at the bottom, "share on social media" buttons and on the right a "flag this content button".

Do I have to have those?

I don't want my customers to share the note. The "flag content" makes no sense for the work I do.

Any way I can get rid of these?



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Hi.  If you're sharing the URL,  the browser automatically fills in the header and footer stuff - so no way to change that of which I'm aware.  If you can share by email (Send a Copy),  the footer does not include that social media information - but the layout may be compromised.  There's a blogging solution postach.io which will output notes tagged with 'published' - you can choose your own style for the blog page,  and for limited usage it's free - I think it would be possible to set up a personalised blog for each client if there aren't too many:  (each blog has its own notebook) but you should try that out for yourself if you wish.  Hope that helps...

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