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The new table editing feature makes terrible table format



The table editing feature made the table format terrible. All of my notes clipped from a website became like this after upgraded to a new Evernote version. The column width calculate is wrong which make it almost not readable any more. 

BTW, this doesn't happen in Web version of Evernote. The same note in web still looks good. 

I think the most important thing for Evernote should be "Don't do anything to the note!" ,  isn't that right? Who give you the right to change the note format for customers? 

Please when you consider adding some new features, at least make a switch to allow user to TURN IT OFF. My whole company stopped because of this. I have to switch my whole company to another note taking APP until this terrible format be fixed. 





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Particularmente, comparto mis notas en la web, ahora con la nueva versión, estas se desvirtúan por completo al visualizarlas en la web, en la aplicación de evernote se ve de una forma y en la web se desconfigura por completo. Escribi a soporte y a la fecha no han dado una respuesta.

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