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Can't find the shortcut option in settings anymore


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I think the clipper updated recently in Chrome and in the settings I can't find the shortcut option anymore..... used to be a box where you could select which shortcut key activated the clipper.

Has this option gone forever?

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There is no need for this option anymore, since you can now add shortcuts in chrome natively.

Just navigate to:


click on the burgerButton and you'll be able to enter your own extension-shortcuts (unfortunately they have to be letters, but since we have a somewhat sane distribution for ctrl-based shortcuts in the browser, you'll manage. hopefully ;))

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That functionality has been around in Chrome since 2013. Using it now for the Evernote web clipper introduces some extra complexity, as well as losing usability.

In Safari, for example, the traditional Evernote shortcut (` - the backtick) still works - just like it used to in Chrome. That's no longer possible in Chrome now, using the Chrome Extensions keyboard shortcuts - you have to configure something like 'Command+1') - the simple, single-key shortcut has gone.

The UI for managing Chrome extension keyboard shortcuts is hard to find, difficult to use and is also unreliable (I had to wipe out all my user profiles and uninstall / reinstall Chrome to get it to work).

I understand from your support team that the new Evernote Web Clipper is a completely fresh product, new from the ground up. It's a real shame that the development team weren't able to match the capabilities of the tried-and-trusted earlier versions. I wish there was a way for me to go back to the previous version - sadly, even that is not possible. Has this new version been released too early?

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So we can activate the Clipper with a shortcut. Is that all?

I'd like to see a two shortcuts I would use dozens of times a day:

  • Add tag. Take me to the tag entry box, so that I can keep typing.
  • Save. Simply pressing Enter doesn't work. Mousing to click Save over and over and over is just wrong.

The combination of 1) Activate the Clipper, 2) Take me to the Add tag entry and 3) Save ... would shortcut 90% of my Evernote Web Clipper labor.

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Looks like the shortcut option is back in the clipper settings for the latest version on Chrome. I'm using

Really useful if, like me you use a lot of Chrome Application Windows... you don't see the extensions bar.

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