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Formatting fouled up on text copies from browser

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I'm trying to paste text from BookCision (which is an html based "extraction" of my Kindle book notes).


Running into several problems:

  1. Formatting varies from Web to Desktop Evernote version.
    When pasting into Evernote Web (in Chrome) vs. Evernote Desktop (Windows 10, up to date) the formatting is slight different in a really frustrating way:
    The Location field is left aligned (should be right aligned). This makes it very difficult to scan the text. see attached screenshot.

  2. In the Desktop version, the alignment of the Location is correct but I get a double ||  indicator See "double..." screenshot.
    I'm pretty sure it was NOT doing this a few weeks ago.

evernote bookcesion  bug.png

double11 prefix bug.png

double11 prefix bug2.png

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Hi.  The source of your clip is html,.  and Evernote is translating that into its own html-based note style,  so there may be slight code changes or some unsupported styles.  If you're copying from a browser, Firefox and Chrome have had their own updates recently which may have changed how html is used in the first place.  It certainly meant that Evernote updated the Clipper recently.  Don't see this situation being changed soon unless there's a general issue affecting more than alignment and double bars.  Do you have any other means of importing this stuff into Evernote other than by copy/ paste?  If the source is html,  you're presumably seeing it in a browser.  Would Clipper work for you?

The only way I can think of to preserve the exact layout would be to 'print' the source page to PDF and attach the resulting file to a note.


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