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"Print" to PDF results in "untitled.pdf"

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I have a notebook that is full of simplified articles that I've saved through the web clipper, and which I need to read and annotate for work. I want to export them all as PDFs. I've highlighted them all and gone to File > Print Notes, and used the system dialogue to select SAVE AS PDF, but the resulting PDFs are all "untitled.pdf" instead of each one being "[note title].pdf." This seems like an OBVIOUS bug. This isn't an OS-mandated behavior, because, using the same print dialogue, I can save PDFs that preserve the original file name from Word documents and that use the title of a Chrome tab as the PDF filename.

Given how many of these articles there are, and given how many I will need to repeat this process with in the future, I am not interested in printing and manually renaming each note individually. Anyone else able to replicate this problem, either with a single note or a bunch of notes? And any known solutions? And if not, any other web clipper tools that do as good a job of simplifying articles like Evernote but have more predictable PDF printing behavior?

I'm running Evernote 7.0.3 on MacOS 10.13.3.


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