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Make it possible for all users to complete the onboarding checklist



I know a few users have complained about the onboarding box before. For those of you that don't know what I am referring to, it's this :


Let's start with the basics                                                    X

Complete these steps to organize your work and get more done

|XXXXXXXXXXXXXX|XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|               |               |               |

( √ ) Create notes

( √ ) Set up your notebooks

(3) Save webpages

(4) Sync to your devices

(5) See how others use Evernote

I'm not here to complain about your onboarding process. I understand the use case. I'm in a development team and I understand that you can't be all things to all people and sometimes have to "pick your poison"

However, in the industry, when you have these two competing use cases - customers that don't want to be annoyed, and customers that legitimately could use some help getting started with your product - the way to make everyone happy is typically to give your "power users" a "click-through-wizard". In other words, design your wizard (a checklist is a special case of a wizard) so that users can click "next, yes, next, next, ok, that radio button is fine..." and quickly navigate past the window they don't want to see. This benefits your users that could use a quick in-app explanation as well, since the "happy path" ends up being the safest path, and any features that they are curious about or would like to learn more about are presented in an easy to digest context leaving no questions to be answered or research to be completed by the user new to your product.

I understand you provide the x in the upper right of this box which dismisses this window. However I also understand that this not staying dismissed when a user cleans out their Temp folder or changes computers is a "live with it" bug, and given this reality (and believe me I understand), completing the wizard is different from dismissing the wizard, and unlike dismissing the wizard, could send a permanent notification to my account that the wizard was completed which would prevent it from showing. The difference is that new users might accidentally dismiss the wizard and want it back, which justifies the current behavior; a user who has completed the wizard is unlikely to want it back regardless the use case.

In your case, this isn't possible for the following reasons :

  • Not everyone is going to want to install a browser plug-in. In fact, many IT departments explicitly forbid this practice.
  • Even when the browser plug-in is installed, the Evernote desktop application for Windows fails to recognize this fact at least in Firefox
    • While I know some of you may be tempted to treat what I just said as a bug - and you of course are welcome to do so, I'll happily provide any additional information you need to reproduce this on your end if you ask - I'd like to ask just for a moment that you consider removing this problem surface entirely, and ask yourselves how easily a regression could occur even if you did fix this with an API change from Firefox or any other browser people decide to use
  • A very large number of customers will not have more than one or two devices to use Evernote on that allow software to be installed onto them
    • This would be true even if your premium service structure (supporting more than two permanent installations is a premium level service) was not as it is
  • While "See how others use Evernote" is always possible, it's buried in slot #5, below the above two impossible to fulfill checkboxes

I would therefore like to request that you add a "do this later" link which checks boxes 3 and 4, next to boxes 3 and 4

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