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Guest R Clark


Guest R Clark

I am trying to change my email address on my account as my domain provider ceased trading and so now I am using a gmail account.

I wasn't sure if I had changed it on Evernote and so went to Login with the NEW email address and it accepted it - but it turns out it merely created a new account which was puzzling as I did not click on Register.

I then deleted the account with the NEW email address and went to my account to change my OLD email address but when I did this it said that the NEW email address was already registered!  Arghhhh

So I am now in limbo.  I sent an email via the support email address and have a ticket number but clearly they are going to reply to the OLD email address which I will not receive.

Any thoughts anyone?  It's frustrating as I can't really do anything now in terms of changing my email address at all and clearly won't receive any information from Evernote.

Many thanks in advance

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Guest R Clark

thank you.  I had to reactivate the account with my new email address and change that email, then go back to my Evernote that I use (the only one) and change it there.

Convoluted way but worked.  Thanks for the link

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