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How to disable the "Change access" warning

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How can I disable this systematic warning ?

"Change access. You are moving a note into "[NotebookName]". People this notebook is shared with will gain access to the note." 


Since the last version, every time I move a note to a shared notebook, I get this message. Only way to dismiss it is to click on "Move". 

Since I clip my notes first in my inbox, and then move them to whichever notebook is relevant - and all of my notebooks are shared, I get this warning literally all the time. This is both useless and annoying.  

It should have been pretty simple and pretty obvious to add a checkbox "don't warn again for this notebook".

I'm a plus member with OSX + evernote 7.0.3. 

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On 5/23/2018 at 3:47 PM, Mark Miller said:

Folks, thank you for the feedback. The Mac team is aware of these issues and we will be reviewing them with our design team in the very near future.

Mark Miller we have updates to the app since 5/23 please let us know the solution. 

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+1 from a long time Evernote user!  This new extremely annoying alert - every time I move a message is ridiculous. 

Please allow us to check a box to never see it again, once we have acknowledged that we know it might change permissions!  

Thank you!

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I process lots of notes which involve moving them to different notebooks. This takes way too much time to approve hundreds of note relocations. I'm seriously reconsidering moving my files to another solution just because of this one issue. This needs to have a bypass preference option ASAP.

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